Stitches Out

Benefit of living with a doctor: he can remove your mother's stitches, preventing her from heading back to the ER that charged her more than 1700 DOLLARS for 8 stitches. Not counting the doctor's bill, which is "to arrive at a later date." What to the f to the you see kay. We will be working some thangs out shortly.

In the meantime, these are not for the faint of heart, so skip ahead and marvel at our family photo one more time if you prefer not to see the up close and personal photos of Asian Grandma's Great Plate Breaking Incident of 2010.

She does actually have 5 fingers but somehow I managed to make it look like she's missing one in this photo.

First the arm stitch. These are the highest quality plastic tweezers from a first-aid kit, by the way. And only the finest cuticle scissors from CVS will do.

Evidence of the first stitch, successfully removed. He has nice thumbs, doesn't he.

 Action photo. Just two more to go.

And there they are: 8 little stitches lying on the alcohol wipe. 

Brave Asian Grandma looking up at the ceiling for the duration of her stitch removal. Blob Paparazzi didn't distract her. New Year's resolution: not to get any more stitches. Ever.