Christmas + Eyebrows + Mustaches = Christmabrowstaches

Emmy's first real Christmas opening and enjoying gifts. I've never seen happier grandparents. But then again, I really don't hang around that many. A very good time had by all, especially Emmy's cousin Jason who is a gift opening expert who enjoys helping whenever and whoever possible.
And you know what? If the cousins end up in a headlock once in a while, no problem! "Aaaayyy, ohhh, oh aaayyy" says the Tony Danza voice, "We're family."

And really, what is Christmas without extra body hair, be it unibrows or baby 'staches?
Bushy brows will be all the rage in 2011, mark my words.

We are very grateful for the love of family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for and we feel very blessed. Thank you for your support and for your well wishes and for sharing your thoughts when you read the blob. It's really a gift to be going through this journey with friends near and far. It makes the world a smaller and kinder place and for that we give you our sincerest appreciation.
We wish you a new year filled with love, happiness and health. Happy Potatohead!*
*Term coined by a precious little girl named Sophie. Her story will air tonight at 11PM on NBC Bay Area. She is a gem and her family is incredible. They will remind you what truly matters in life. They did that for me and much more.