Valentine's 2010

We said we weren't getting gifts for each other this year. Too much going on. Too busy with Emmy. Too little money to buy a California house. Plus The Good Doctor won tickets to Ovo for Saturday night so we were going to celebrate with that lovely date night and call it a good Hallmark holiday. 

So then what happens Saturday? I get a lovely Eric Javitz sun hat that I plan to wear every day while walking Emmy, Romeo, Tofu and Coco. On the pricey side but by the CPW (cost per wear) calculator, it comes out to just pennies per day over a decade. Jewelry and flowers are nice but I love me a practical gift like tire pressure gauges and heavy duty paper shredders. 

I felt really bad I had NOTHING for The Good Doctor so on my way to pick up our Valentine's sushi dinner, I spot a Baskin Robbins. And the greatest advertising jingle of 2009, and quite possibly of all time, comes to my head.

Ice creamy CAKEY CAKE! Ice creamy CAKEY CAKE! ICE CREAMY CAKE DO THE ICE CREAMY CAKE! ICE CREAMY CAKE DO THE ICE CREAMY CAKE! I have a dance I like to do but because I was behind the wheel of my non-recalled Prius, I just sang the song until I could safely park and do the ice creamy cake shimmy inside.

Super nice Japanese franchise owner beelined it over to me and helped me select this chocolate chip ice cream and vanilla cake confection. I complimented her for fitting "Happy Valentine's Day" on this tiny square cake and she was all, "Small hands!" She was so nice and friendly that I was doubly glad our favorite sushi restaurant is in the same shopping center.

Testing out my sun hat today. Need it for the extra long walk after my ice creamy CAKEY CAKE!