I was going for something dramatic and fun to wear for Ovo. Picked this up at Nordstrom, and The Good Doctor was like, "Seriously?" Then he pushed Emmy's stroller to a safe distance so as not to appear connected to me and mouthed, "WEIRD."

Even Asian Grandma could only muster a, "Well how 'bout that!" when I showed it to her at home. 

What people? It's not like I went all Madonna Louis Vuitton. 

I paid for it at the show. As we shuffled past a family to get to our seats, The Good Doctor whispered to the three kids sitting by him, "Excuse us, (point point) she's in the show. Watch out guys, she's in the show."

So they kept peering over at the feathered lady until I was all, "I'm not in the show, guys."

And then the woman on my side goes, "That's good!"