We've Got Rats!

What are these tantalizing brown pellets inside this small plastic jar labeled with Chinese characters, you ask?

My question precisely when I opened up the pantry and found myself eye to eye with these moist morsels. Only my mom wasn't there to answer, so I showed them to The Good Doctor, prompting a smell inspection. 

It was inconclusive. We deduced it had to be a food product, because it was in the pantry.

Then The Good Doctor goes, "Dude, if I saw those sprinkled on the floor, I'd be like, "We've got rats!" And I burst out laughing so hard because he said it all hillbilly-got-no-front-tooths-live-in the-back-woods. Plus he put his two hands out all jazz-like when he said it.

So all night, every time he'd come into the room, I'd flare out my jazz hands and yell, "Weeee've got raaayats!" 

Mystery was solved a couple days later when my mom came back. We showed her the jar and said we fed some to Emmy, but we weren't sure what they were. 

She laughed, popped a couple in her mouth, and said, "Oh these are tangerine rinds, ground up."

So I tasted some. A lot like si muoi, the salty prune snacks I grew up eating. Asians like salty, preserved fruit. These were my first in mystery pellet form though.

Shockingly, and impressively, The Good Doctor tried one, too. Followed by me yelling, "Weeee've got raaayats!"

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