It's Crowning

Sorry I haven't been updating the site as much lately. My Real Job is taking over the happy work/life balance that I try to keep. But at last, a hugely exciting development. We have been working on a show for months and months and months and finally we got word that we have an air date for one episode sometime in mid-April. If it sounds vague, it is. But that's been the M.O. in this process. We're taking micro steps here and there to push our idea forward and get our program on the air. I will definitely be asking you to tell everyone and yo' brother to watch it and email afterward to demand more episodes when the time comes. Enjoy the respite before Vicky comes panhandling for your support, because, like TLC, I ain't too proud to beg, yo.

Last night we shot another segment for the show, and although it looks like I'm Asian Carol Brady and how could this be must see TV with Vicky wearing double winged eyeliner and blue eyeshadow? But after so much invested in getting this project to become more than just a twinkle in my eye, I'm going all out. White go go boots all out.

This is Richard adding some faux lashes to the few I was born with.  

And there we go. Wigs really do work wonders, don't they? I'm really feeling this look. But the hair might be a little distracting if I were trying to tell you the latest on the Toyota recall.

And I'm right into work mode, chatting with the lovely and talented Shannon about how we're going to keep me from actually breaking a leg during my 'audition.'

Finding out our show will air, and having a date and time slot for the first episode, and hopefully more to follow...It feels like giving birth to the baby that we've been pregnant with for 3 years.

I see hair!