Dog Gone It

When it's sunny and warm, and did I mention sunny and warm? I long to be a white chihuahua named Tofu Lu Chan Chalmers. AKA Matt Damon. Her life is perfect. Filled with snacks. And plenty of sleep. She is the Muhammad Ali of nappers. Float like a dreamweaver, snore like a saw.

Now that we get streams of yolky sunshine through the double sliding glass doors, she has new pastime. Sun lounging. She cruises into a semi-sleep. Head still raised, eyes closed, drifting, drifting. 

Then BAM. A small finger pokes her in the side belly. Or pinchy hands grab a tuft of back fur. A small price to pay for being an unemployed cheese eater who gets to sunbathe all day, Matt Damon. A very small price. 

Vicky NguyenComment