TMB = Too Much Babycakes!

Is it too much? It's too much isn't it? I could not freaking help it. 

This is what she does now. She goes into downward dog when we are trying to change her diaper. 

No more patiently lying on her back playing with knick knacks. 

It's flip, onto the feet and, "Oooh looky here! I can see through my legs! Check me out, Mommy. How you like them apples?"

I don't like them Emmy. Well, actually I do. I love your apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur. But when I'm trying to velcro a diaper around your little bubble bum, I need you to assume the position. 

Not THAT position. 

But seriously, those thankles. Baby Thankles. File under: Cuteness that requires legislation.