You know what just really gets in my craw? I mean wedged up in there like real real tight?

When people blather on about stuff they are supposedly experts in. Like relationships.

OK, so I've been with The Good Doctor since geometry. But that doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two when it comes to male female relations. Especially as it pertains to the reeee-lations. Giddy up, yeee haaaaaw!

I got all Suthern' for a minute but back to my rantmeme. Please don't look down your nose and say, "You know, statistics show high school sweethearts have the highest rate of divorce." Because first of all, your relationship history is no shining star-filled night sky. You've been divorced. And separated. And you still have issues. And you love to spout "facts" about all sorts of things that seem rather outlandish and unverified. And normally I just nod and pretend it's all so interesting but I don't take kindly to snide remarks about my marriage.

Mark Twain said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics" for a reason.

Besides, even if that statistic about high school sweethearts was true, think about the reasons it might be true. Do high school sweethearts marry sooner? Do they defer or abandon further education? Did they have a shotgun wedding to avoid having a baby out of wedlock? There are lots of factors why high school sweetheart marriages may not last.

Which I pointed out. And was promptly told, "Well, never say never."

Thanks Doucher. But I will totally tempt fate on this one. NEVER.

The Good Doctor is my B to the FF. My bestie over the restie. He is the reason I will never win Mega Millions. Because I have already won the Husband Lottery. It's so morbid to think about death and what you would do if your husband ever died, but I do. And I think I would never get re-married. I might pull an Angelina Jolie and have luvahs but I would just keep calm and carry on. Solo style. It would just be Emmy and me. Surrounded by pictures of The Good Doctor. OK, not all creepy like that but I really don't think I could ever get over it.

I am grateful every single day that I found my puzzle piece, the one that interlocks exactly with mine, and so what if I found him when I was still eating bagel dogs for lunch? If you meet The One and it always feels right and you grow and change and constantly feel like you're a better person because he's in your life, GIDDYUP and go right the fack on your merry way.

Besides, does this not look like FOREVER AND EVER LOVE????

Senior prom. The theme was "Crazy Love."

How appropriate that turned out to be.