Things That May Annoy My Husband

1. I never close things. Bathroom doors, cabinets, drawers. I'm in a hurry. And I don't like the feel of something slamming. 

2. My blog posts. 

3. I leave magazines. Everywhere. Open.

4. I put dinner plates on top of open magazines that I'm reading. 

5. I like to read while I eat. 

6. The notepad that's been on the floor of the passenger side of my Prius for at least a year. It's always underneath his feet somehow when he gets in/gets out of the car.

7. My knack for calling when he's just about to do a tricky medical procedure.

8. The stories I tell him at 1AM when I crawl into bed.

9. When I point out that he's left the shower curtain open. At 130AM.

10. When I am a poor listener. "I'm sorry, what? I was eating. And reading."

11. I turned out to be messier than expected.

12. I'm an Asian Driver.

13. I have Asian Parents.

14. I'm a rule breaker.

15. I think after I speak. Often.

16. My lack of long term memory.

17. Instead of my Hero power being something useful like flying or freezing time, it's causing electronic equipment to fail. Usually his.

18. I like closed captioning on movies. I am English as a Second Language, after all.

19. How I eat chocolate bars. One nibble at a time, then back into the fridge.

20. My multiple languages that I make up and use to converse with him. They are obviously very different and distinguishable but he claims they all sound the same.

21. When I ask him to rate other women. I like to know the standings. He obsessively checks his March Madness brackets. I check my Life Brackets.