Pitching Stories

Memo to Persons Calling Me To Pitch Stories:

Please say your name. Your number. Maybe one five word sentence. Repeat your number. Then hang up.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT leave a long rambling message about library funding that lasts at least 90 seconds, I'm not sure exactly because I hit 1 for delete before the message ended. It was mean, but at least credit me for using this as a Teaching Moment.

My cheap self only pays for 550 daytime minutes, people. So that means those long voicemails during business hours are costly! And inefficient! And I usually delete them because I am impatient. But in this day and age, we should all know how to leave a proper voicemail.

The same goes for interns. Don't call busy people and leave long "like" and "you know" filled messages. Name, number, a single reason for your call, your number again, hang up.

And on a totally different topic, I was very surprised by what happened when Vera Farmiga's character in Up in the Air answered the door to her Chicago home. Even though The Good Doctor told me exactly what was going to happen. He's very good at that. I never see anything coming. In movies, that is. I can tell you what will happen if you call and leave a rambling message. "1. Beep. Your message has been deleted."