Fried Wontons

One time, when The Good Doctor's family called and we were getting dinner ready, he told them he'd have to call back because we were "right in the middle of making wontons." We didn't hear the end of that one.

"Making wontons, heh heh, is that what you kids are calling it these days?" 

But actually, when it's not just the two of us, Emmy doesn't count because 6 teeth does not a wonton eater make her, we grab a pack of wonton skins and go to town. The filling is super easy--just drop some chicken and shrimp into a food processor, and grind. Add some finely minced garlic, onions, and season with some Yoshida's Gourmet sauce, salt, and pepper. Spoon into wrappers, fold them, and drop into some oil.


Our friends Ben and Lan brought over their two chitlins for the afternoon and this was part of our semi-homemade meal. 

P.S. Against The Good Doctor's better judgment, which is a statement I could pretty much tack on to the front of many decisions I make, I convinced Ben to play this electric shock game we got for Christmas. Everyone holds a little controller with a button while this stressfully hypnotizing music drones on for an unknown amount of time. There's a flashing red light too, just to heighten the thrill and seizure risk. Then the music stops and the red light turns to green. The person who presses their button last gets an electric shock. I only mention this because Ben is an Olympian from the Barcelona games, part of the first badminton team to represent the USA in the Olympics. And I beat him in the electric shock game. 

I beat an Olympian! That's the only time in my life I will be able to say that. So let me say it again, I BEAT AN OLYMPIAN!

We sure do know how to show people a good time.