Do You Have a Bosshole?

This new site,, is both SCARY and TEMPTING at the same time. We did a little blurb on it last night but I have often talked about how awesomriffic it would be to Yelp people. As in, reviewing people. Grading them. Rating them. Dishing about them the way you gossip behind their backs to your husband, friends, and co-workers. But with this site, you really stop being polite and start getting real. Because it lets you do the reviews ANONYMOUSLY. Yes. You have unfettered access to create profiles about anyone. And you can rate them on a 5 star scale. 

Sure, the founders, who are from VMWare, Ebay, and LinkedIn, encourage people to only rate people they have professional relationships with, and only write about business related things. But you know that ain't goan happen. You KNOW haters will seize on this site to troll it up. And that's the crazy thing. You could SO jack someone's reputation or share some work drama that could potentially leave a deep immortal Internet scar.

The site's creators say it's supposed to help you assess potential hires, business partners, professionals that you may want to work with. You know, help people build their reputations with unvarnished reviews of their competency, work ability, their penchant for overdoing it at the office Christmas party.

In reality, it opens some MAJOR floodgates for ripping new ones in people. Deliciously JuicyCampus for people in the real world. But Juicy didn't survive, so maybe the same will eventually happen to GetUnvarnished. If it becomes a depot for defamation and people know that, it might lose its punch and relevance.

But OH MY GOSH. How many of you have come home from work with some serious ventilation issues and if you logged on and rated some people, it would be U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY. 

The site is still in beta right now, so only invited special guests can use it. Talk about adult cyberbullying. Or maybe I'm not enough of a believer in the goodness of people. Maybe it will be sweetness and light and Vicky Nguyen will get unanimous 5 star ratings for her "outstanding customer service skills" and "ability to drive sales" and "key performance in clutch situations."

My prediction: it will be a lot like TV news. People say they want to see good news, but they tune in for the train wrecks.