News Vicky vs. Regular Vicky

News Vicky is very focused and goal oriented. She wants to get the job done creatively and efficiently.

Regular Vicky likes brownie bites.

News Vicky doesn't like to take garbage from anyone. But does. A lot. Garbage cakes. Big ones. Because killing with kindness is so much more effective.

Regular Vicky loves to watch Desperate Housewives and Modern Family. And SYTYCD. 

News Vicky is very polite and courteous.

Regular Vicky really likes people. Or doesn't. She has very little middle ground when it comes to jibber jabber.

News Vicky sometimes inserts double entendres and inside jokes in her stories. 

Regular Vicky enjoys a healthy life/work balance. Notice the word 'life' before work.

News Vicky can see through the nonsense.

Regular Vicky can too.

News Vicky hates when people say "I don't have a TV." Get OVER yourself.

Regular Vicky loves tofu.

News Vicky does not have time for drama. 

Regular Vicky understands how important it is to take yourself seriously. And un-seriously. At the right times.

News Vicky will go to BAT for a good intern. But knows they are few. And far between.

Regular Vicky can eat her weight in sushi, thin crust pizza, and Silk chocolate soymilk.

News Vicky would like to use the word "FAIL" in a story.