@Work: Coming Soon

So. It is almost here. The show that was born in my rental home with the leaky roof that is now under a plastic tarp, rendering everyone inside a shade of Avatar blue.

Please set your DVR or tune in. Or do like me, and do both, while watching through my slightly spaced apart fingers as I dig my toes into The Good Doctor's thigh. It will be both exciting and excruciating to watch the show actually on TV airwaves.

It premieres this Sunday, April 18th, at 630PM on KNTV, which is NBC Bay Area. Which is the station where you watched the Olympics. Or Law and Order. Or Minute to Win It. Or Dateline. Or The Today Show. Or The Tonight Show.

Channel 3 on Comcast. Channel 11 on most other satellite networks.

And don't even be all annoying and say you don't own a TV. Because we're on the Internets too. But that's still a work in progress. www.nbcatwork.com We will post our segments and links and take questions and suggestions on our site. Just hang on a sec because we are still building that bad boy. Add "website manager" to my biznass.

I will write about how nutjob it was to get to this premiere episode.

For now, please just watch and DVR it. Everything counts in the way they measure ratings. And if you love love love it, please email the station at newstips@nbcbayarea.com or me at Vicky.nguyen@nbcuni.com.

Seriously. We have just this pilot scheduled for now. Big response = future air dates and waffle fries for the interns.

If you don't love it, just kindly forget I ever mentioned it. But still set your DVR.

Respectfully yours,

PS I'll be tweeting during the broadcast if you want to chat. Or make fun of my hair or scootering skills. www.twitter.com/nbcatwork

PPS We also post photos and updates on our Facebook page. Just search NBC at work. See you Sunday! Plugola over and out.