@Work: The Afterbirth

If you're my Facebook friend, or, better yet, a fan of NBC@Work, you are saintly if you're not over my rabid posting about this show.

If producing this show was like having a baby, then let me just say the pregnancy was long, drawn out, complicated, and we had a lot of confusion over who the baby daddy was.

The idea was conceived in the dining room with Asian Grandma and The Good Doctor eating dinner. I thought, let's do a show about 'dream jobs,' like being the CEO of Oracle. Or being Justin Bieber. But The Good Doctor was all, "That's dumb. In this economy, you want to watch a show about real jobs. Jobs that you can actually GET."

BLING! The lightbulb went off, steam came out of my ears, and I called my work BFF, the super talented and creative Sarah Williams. She is also one of Emmy Pearl's favorite aunties, because she has excellent taste in baby clothes. 

Sarah was the impetus behind taking the show to the right managers and making sure they knew we would be an all-star team. Believe me, it took a LOT of convincing. Not because we're lame, but because this is a very tight economic time, people have a lot of other stuff going on, and no one wants to deal with more stuff. 

But little by little, here and there, we nudged things along, requested shoot dates, and kept our chins up. And progress was S to the ell oh double you. SLOW. Because we still had our full time jobs on the 11PM newscast, a pretty critical one for the station. And we are only two human beings with 24 hours in each of our days. 

@Work was months in the making. Just ask our husbands, who have each grown 7 gray hairs after hearing all the beeyotching. But tonight, it felt good to get it out there. To give birth to our little TV babycake. It's not perfect. A little jaundice and some birthmarks but nothing some time and sunlight won't fix. We don't have any guarantees there will be a 'next time,' but faith and epidurals in the form of sugary processed snacks got us this far, so we'll keep the Hostess train rolling and our fingers crossed. 

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and if you want to see the segments, just go to www.nbcatwork.com.

We're already getting some great suggestions for how to improve the show, and that is pretty fantastic. atwork@nbcbayarea.com

P.S. Asian Grandma's response when I called her after the show, I SWEAR ON MY iPAD: "It was good." Pause. "Are you watching Minute to Win It?"

Good thing @Work isn't on at the same time. Asian parents really know how to keep you humble.