It's Going to be a SUPPLIES!!!

Being the stellar parents that we are, we waited until this week to select a birthday cake for Emmy's FIRST birthday. And by "this week," I mean today. Originally we thought we were doing a Baskin Robbins ice creamy cakey cake, ice creamy cakey cake, ICE CREAMY CAKE DO THE ICE CREAMY CAKE. But they only have cakes to serve 15-20 people, so we'd have to get two cakes and then we'd have to clear a bunch of freezer space that we don't have and it became a much much bigger deal than it needed to be, so we went to Plan B.

Asking a nurse at The Good Doctor's work to make one of her amazing chocolate raspbery cakes. "The Best Cake I've Ever Tasted," were The Good Doctor's exact words. Turns out she's out of town this weekend. Plus she probably thought we were nuts to ask her on a Friday to make a cake for 50 people by Sunday. 

So we went to Plan C. VIETNAMESE BAKERY Y'ALL!

L'Amour Des Baguettes. Next to the King Eggroll where we're picking up the most delicious eggrolls as appetizers for the party. 

My brilliant idea: unicorn cake for Emmy's first birthday. Symbolic. One horn. One year. That's deep, right?

But the Google image search was a little underwhelming. The unicorn cakes reminded me of the horse head in the bed scene from The Godfather. Or ugly rainbow unicorns with deformed manes. The only highlight was on page 3 of my "unicorn birthday cake" search. The RANDOM picture of a chocolate brown penis cake.

Plus the Vietnamese baker was all, "Unicorns would not work. You lose too much cake. How about a pig instead?"

Umm. Well. The pig was cute and all, but totally random. Unlike the unicorn, of course. That was symbolic. And deep.

But we spotted a whipped cream ox on one of the cake shelves. A small one. Since Emmy was born in the Year of the Ox, I thought that might work. Turns out they can only make pig shaped cakes. The ox is just a topper. But the baker suggested we make a giant ox, and use it on top of a half sheet cake. 

He promised it would look very cute, surrounded by tropical jungle plants and icing flowers. We Viets are tropical people, after all.

Keep in mind, this is THE owner and baker behind the successful, 3.75 Yelp starred L'Amour Des Baguette. I trust the man. He is the Vietnamese Cake Boss.

So I'm texting The Good Doctor, who, at this critical juncture, is in the operating room saving lives and not returning a single text. WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES, MAN?

I go rogue on the situation, ditch the unicorn idea, and sign off on the $80 cake order. Half fresh strawberry filling, half pineapple with mousse. All adorned with a giant ox. 

If that doesn't say Happy First Birthday Emmy, I don't know what does.

Of course, there are no photos or examples or anything really even close to giving us an idea of what the Vietnamese Cake Boss has in mind. Just me, trying to explain my "vision" and him, patiently nodding, like "Chica, this ain't my first rodeo." But I went with my gut. I really think he knows what I'm looking for. I really hope Vietnamese Cake Boss doesn't disappoint.

Reminds me of a joke The Good Doctor heard from somewhere.

A general assigns a mission to three soldiers.

"Private Smith, you're in charge of shelter!"

"Private Johnson, you're in charge of finding a secure location!"

"Private Wong, you're in charge of the supplies!"

The general comes back a week later and says, "Good job Smith, shelter looks sturdy."

"Johnson, location is good."

"Where's Wong?" 

Private Wong jumps out from behind the bushes and yells, "SUPPLIES!" 

Emmy's cake will definitely be a SUPPLIES!