Intern Parent

Now that all the @Work drama has subsided somewhat, I can go back to my roots and why I started this website.

To give my husband a mental hernia.

I have taken to calling myself "The Intern Parent."

I'm interning under The Good Doctor of course. And I will take 81% of the blame. I don't know what I'm doing most of the time, and he's a natural. Careful, patient, nurturing, playful. An excellent teacher. 

But also anal. A NAHL. And quick to let me know there is a RIGHT way, and there is a WRONG way. To everything.

Normally that's an endearing quality because we typically agree on the RIGHTS and WRONGS. 

RIGHT: Embracing technology to make our lives easier.

WRONG: Playing on the iPad while Emmy is playing with scissors.

RIGHT: Chocolate tastes best in cake, ice cream, and soymilk form.

WRONG: Interrupting your spouse's sleep. AT ANY TIME. FOR ANY REASON. Even if I'm drooling.

But there are so many rules when it comes interning for The Good Doctor. Drawers must be closed at all times. The baby can't be disturbed while drinking milk. No running the water during Emmy's naps. Teach her things. Follow her pointer finger. Read to her at least 20 minutes a day. Do not cross your eyes while looking at her.

It's all a bit much at times, Mr. Perfect Parent.

But thinking of myself as an "Intern Parent" really takes the pressure off.

Interns can screw up. Interns don't get paid. No one expects much from the intern!

But a good intern, a really really good one, eventually makes it. They get a desk, they start writing stories, they get interviews, they do your job. Suddenly they're not interns anymore. They're colleagues.

So watch it Good Doctor. This Intern Parent is coming for you.