Walking Afuera: A Series

That's espanol for "outside." Mi bebe puede caminar ahora. Es muy divertido! 

She's a little Frankenbaby at the moment. All hands out in front for balance. But the go-go girl is a going strong. The Gymboree teacher said it'd be another month before she walked, and three days later Emmy was all, "Boo yah shaka la lady. See these? These is my walkin' feets. YEAH!"

"My shirt says 'Reach for the sky!'" 

Frankenbaby below. Wearing her board shorts, duuuuude. Call me weird but I think she looks like Drew Barrymore in that photo. I also think Tofu looks like Matt Damon.

And lastly, Drill Sgt. Dada with the assist. He's teaching her how to race-walk next. "It's all in the hips, Emmy. Move those hips. Ten HUT!"