Ox Cake

Vietnamese Cake Boss pulled it off. The ox cake came complete with field, flowers, and the ox munching on a tuft of grass. Asian Grandparents picked up the cake, so I didn't get to thank him in person but I hear he spent much of the morning perfecting the shape of the three dimensional whipped cream bull, right down to the horns. He was extremely excited, too, guaranteeing excellent pictures.

Cute? Not exactly. But definitely memorable. And unique. And waaaaay better than a unicorn. 

The ox is currently living on a piece of foil in our kitchen. I didn't have the heart to slice into his whipped cream body. We may just put him in front of Emmy and let her go to town. It would be the only humane way to do it. 

Happy 1st Birthday Emmy! Your party was so much fun I lost my voice.