Adult Entertainment

So we shot a story a couple nights ago about Cal-OSHA forming an advisory committee to see whether porn stars should be required to use condoms. That's a sticky situation really, as I said in my live shot. But this site is not about news and issues. It's about me reacting to bondage and dildos during a regular night at work. 

In my decade plus as a reporter, I've actually never been inside a porn production studio. Imagine that! I only wish I knew that was the assignment planned for me. I totally left my 6 inch Lucite heels at home. Nonetheless, the kind people at Kink were extremely helpful and accommodating on very short notice.

The SF Armory itself is this huge, old stone building with tall ceilings. We walked upstairs to the rooms where all the magic happens. They'd already wrapped for the day but we spoke with one of the models, which is what they call their actors/performers, as well as the founder. It was all very cordial and professional and germane to our news story. But the part that was so interesting was the set where we did one of the interviews. It was ornately decorated with giant busts of busts, and a wall with whips and leather straps and other devices. Plenty of furniture for lounging and reclining and the whatnot. And a giant wooden X in the middle of the room, sized perfectly for securing wrists and ankles.

Which brings me to my point. After telling The Good Doctor about my experience at Kink, I joked, "I'm totally going to tie you up." And he was all, "No way. Never!" Pause. "You would totally frack with me." Which made us both laugh so hard. I think we need to do a couples retreat. Clearly there are some trust issues here.