Sorry for the light posting but I am sick as a dee oh double gee.

I am the best speller I have ever met. I can say that because I've never met any of these 13 year olds.

You would think that would allow me to beat my husband at simple word games. 

No. The man, whose spelling ability at the age of 31 is, at best, two, maybe three, grade levels above Emmy's, is somehow able to whip out 7 point words like "moisten" during Boggle. 

We played a few rounds Mother's day weekend after Emmy went to bed like a champ at White Grandma and Grandpa's house. Fortunately for me, his parents cancel each other out with non-word words like "nee" and "ere." I love when they say their word and the other one's all, "Got it. Darn it, you."

And while I try to honestly come up with quality words such as "intern" and "pie," The Good Doctor is literally using his poor spelling ability to make up words THAT ACTUALLY EXIST. Like "weel." 

He handily won first place. Which sparked his dad to say, "You. Me. One on one Scrabble tomorrow."

Well tomorrow came and all four of us played one round. Normally I come in dead last. You can't win with these people and their words like "qi" and "arks" as they capitalize on every triple word score by adding an "s" to something and spelling "secs." As in the plural of sec. See what I mean? I married into a family of word game cheats.

But this time it was The Good Doctor's dad who wasn't doing so hot. 

In fact, he came in dead last. At which point he had to leave to respond to a work call. But just as he was heading out the door, his son, being the good sport that he is, was all, "Hey Dad?"

And when his dad peeked back in, already grumpy from did I tell you coming in DEAD LAST, The Good Doctor doesn't say, "Hope you come back soon. Sorry you're getting called in to work."

No. He goes, "How does it feel to get your butt kicked?" The Good Doctor: 1st place. His last 45 point word "dangler" or something sealed the deal.  

This is someone who, I swear to you, has NEVER beat my immigrant, English as a second language PARENTS at one single spelling bee. Yes, I have proctored a few spelling bees between the 3 of them for my own entertainment purposes. I replace the words "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader" with the words, "Are You Smarter than an Immigrant?" My parents really get a kick out of that.