Mother's Day 2010

In true Vicky fashion, I am posting about Mother's Day well over a week late. As my ridiculous ass kicking cold percolates in my head and throat. At least I got it from Emmy so I know what to expect. Coming up: Long snot trails dripping down my face onto the collar of my shirt!

I considered this year my first "real" Mother's Day. Last year I had just pushed Emmy out of my lady parts and I wasn't feeling all that brunchy.

But this year, I celebrated double Mother's Day. Grateful to be a mother. Grateful for my mother.

Every day I thank that woman for helping me raise my little bean. I know that I am only able to be a working mom, albeit sick, congested, hacking cough, muddle headed working mom, because MY mom is willing and able to take care of both of us.

Mom, you are beyond amazing. You're the person who connects all the dots. The home-cooked food to the clean house to the baby is alive and well dots. The how on earth did moms do all this when we were growing up dots. I don't know if semi-homemade was even a concept in your generation but it's the Gold Standard of mine.

I know I have a lot of work to do to be half the mom you are when it comes to wholesome Vietnamese multi-course meals and a crumbless floor, but you have definitely instilled in me a sense of sacrifice and what a mama bear must do for her cubs. I wasn't sure if I had it in me before Emmy came along, or even after, really, because hemorrhoids and vag tearing can really mess with your mind.

Mom, you are an inspiration. You're selfless and strong, and you make it seem effortless. You have put me first too many times to count. I am so grateful for your example and I am just beginning to pay it forward. Thank you for showing me how.

This Mother's Day, I'm feeling a lot more confident in my role of "Mama," and I'm so enjoying it. The Good Doctor is already preparing because he knows this little mini-me is going to be my sidekick when future April Fool's Days roll around. Payback is a biatch!

And every time I look at my little girl, who now walks around like she owns the place, yes, CVS and Target, SHE OWNS YOU, I think about what a miracle it takes to create and care for another human. And what a gift it is. Sap alert: I LOVE MY BABY. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. It's not like any feeling I've ever had. And it didn't happen overnight. But I'm definitely on board. Choo choo Emmy train.

And Emmy gave me the best Mother's Day gift possible. Just randomly Sunday night as we packed to leave a Scrabble and Boggle fun-filled weekend at the White Grandparents,' she just kissed me on the cheek. Twice. Just put her lips to my left cheek, unprompted. Once. Then again. Until that point we would say, "Hon Mommy" (which means "Kiss Mommy") and she would bow her forehead and lean into your face. Not really a kiss but it was sweet. Mother's Day night, she full on busted out the real smooch with lip and nose contact to my cheek. The Good Doctor witnessed it, which made it even better. Otherwise I would have had to deal with the raised eyebrow and the "Really? You're SURE she kissed you and didn't just lean forward and accidentally plant her lips on your cheek? I didn't teach her that. Hmm. I need to see it for confirmation."

Happy Mother's Day indeed.