Divorce Rates and Brain Tumors

The Good Doctor found this article from the Daily Beast about how likely your marriage will end in divorce.

He emailed it to me a day after I said, "What if I do have a brain tumor? Would we try to have another kid so Emmy has a brother or sister before I die?"

And he said, "Oh no. Pregnancy could aggravate your tumor. Besides. Emmy would have plenty of half brothers and sisters."

Then he spent the better part of an hour rinsing cough syrup from his hair.

That's how we roll. Especially when I have the cough and congestion from hell coupled with a raging headache. But it was an interesting article full of references to marriage studies. Most suprising was the rate of gay and lesbian divorce rates compared to straight couples. I would've thought it'd be far lower.

Anyway, I took the quiz at the end and it said 1% and 5%, so we're in the low and average range. But I'm obviously not one to follow rules, despite my regimented upbringing, so I'm not too worried.

What I am worried about however is the headache that has been coming 'round every so often for the past 6 months. Immediately I've jumped to the worst case scenario: me, bald, hooked up to an IV with tubes comin out me nostrils. Paler than Edward Cullen.

So I went to the doctor to deal with my cold and to ask her about these weird new headaches. She said four things essentially cause them: stress, caffeine, sleep deprivation, allergies.

I work in TV news, so stress is a routine part of my system. I don't drink that much caffeine. I get plenty of sleep. Thanks Asian Grandma. But allergies?! That's a new one to me, as in, I've always had them, but never knew they could be linked to headaches.

So I'm trying some generic nasal spray to see if that helps with my post nasal drippage and headaches. Otherwise I will have to start a headache diary. It will read:

Dear Diary,

This headache is a MotherFather!

Later skater,


P.S. This is where I got MotherFather. Toyota: Brilliant campaign for the Sienna. The Good Doctor, Emmy and I would love to star in the Prius video. Hip Hop Hybrid. Cuz we roll hard.