He Passed!

Remember how I told you about the Oral Boards? And that The Good Doctor was FAH-REAKING out about them and waking up in cold sweats because DAMN IT IF I DON'T PASS I CAN'T SPEND ANOTHER YEAR STUDYING FOR THESE THINGS.

Glory glory. He is officially board certified y'all. Passed the writtens. And the orals. And his boss called him on this speaker phone gadget to tell him the good news. While The Good Doctor was finishing an epidural.

Picture: pregnant woman leaning forward, giant needle being removed from her back. Speaker phone: "Will you accept a call from your boss?" The Good Doctor, as still as possible except for his hands holding the giant needle: "Yes." Speakerphone: "Heyyyy. Congrats! You passed. Etc etc." 

After they wrapped up the conversation, the woman's husband, who happened to be an attorney, goes, "Uh. So. What was that all about?" *nervous laugh* Translation: "You weren't certified before you stuck a giant needle in my wife's back and now you are?" 

The same day The Good Doctor found out the life-changing, sphincter loosening news, he went to CVS to pick up my $57 bottle of nasal spray. Emmy went along to show off her walking skills. And she brought Dada a book while they waited. Title: "God has not forgotten you."

No she hasn't! Haaaaaay! *Snapping fingers and doing the snake.* For days afterward he was all, "Do you think God did this? Do you think God changed my scores?" No dude. I think you did better than you thought and that you overanalyzed every detail afterward until you spiraled yourself into a quicksand of pessimism and despair. Which is very unlike you and thankfully we can put that behind us now.  We have much more important things to focus on. Like how to get on The Amazing Race. 

Thank you Lord. Now we can live happily ever after. Until 2020 when he has to take his tests all over again.