Bamboo Plate

Again with the UncleOwly. Saw this lovely handcrafted Japanese bamboo plate and had to have it for Emmy. Ordered it from the lovely people at We Are 1976 who iPhoned over pics of all the FunFam plateware so I could choose. Natural, durable, and made of untreated material. Because everything else seems to cause baby cancers and other toxic horrors.

A good mother would feed Emmy out of her palm like a little bird but it's too hard to play Scramble2 on the iPad with just one hand. Damn it, Rachelle. New addiction and of course I'm getting schooled by The Good Doctor. High score: 97! Again with the weel! And weels! And 8 pointers like "rattlers."

Emmy eats off this plate daily now. Occasionally so does Romeo, despite his many ass whuppins. That dog is a rule breaker fo' sho'. His new hobby: follow Emmy's bagel clutching fist... wait for it... SNATCH! It's payback for all the times she slams Dolly's face into his body when he's sleeping. The sibling rivalry has begun.