We went to the most amazing homespun DIY wedding over the weekend. It was for our friends Matt and Jan and it was gorgeous and beautiful and so personal. They made everything. And by "they" I mean Jan. She is the most talented crafter I've ever met. From invitations to food to clothes to pottery to knits to quilts. She has never met something she couldn't make. Including the gorgeous bouquets. With the help of some very dedicated bridesmaids. 

In fairness to Matt, he works 90+ hours a week. Turns out training to be a brain surgeon doesn't leave much time for cross-stitching. Although they did make each other's platinum wedding bands, each with the other's fingerprint on the inside. It doesn't get much more homespun than that.  

I think we clean up pretty nice for a night out. It was our 3rd date night since Emmy was born. 1st was The Good Doctor's graduation from residency. 2nd was his birthday fondue. 4th will be the premiere of Eclipse. Mark your calendar GD. 

Gratuitous dessert photos. When The Good Doctor was roommates with Matt & Jan, she made all sorts of ridiculously delicious baked goods. Including his favorite--snickerdoodles. In Matt's toast to the guests, he said it was, in fact, "Jan's baked goods" that first attracted him to her. And by "baked goods" he says he meant cookies. Sure Matt. We all love Jan's cookies.