Memo to Emmy: 13 months

Feliz Cinco de Mayo Emm-ohs!

Seriously? You are now more than a YEAR old! Dada made fun of me the other day when a lady at Gymboree asked how old you were. I said, "She's a year. And two weeks. No, three weeks. Actually she's about to be a year and--" And while my brain was computing, Dada goes, "She's almost 13 months." And looked at me like, "Don't get all mental, woman. The lady is just making conversation. No need to start counting with your fingers."

Math is not Mommy's strong suit these days but I do know there are at least 87 jillion things I now love about you. Warning, your memo's about to get SAPPY-docious but it's true. You are way too freaking awesome these days. As in, I forgive you for chewing off my nipples back in the day. It's all water under the bridge, girlfriend.

Let's start with the walking. Record SCRRRRaaaaatch! You went from Frankenbaby to a casual, hands down by my side, oh what is this on the ground? Kitty? Sure, let me pick you up and keep on walking style. Or the big wide hand claps as I march down the hall. Just a-clappin' away. Don't mind me. I'm just really into myself. And my fish mouth.

A lot people have said, "Watch out, it's gonna get CRAZY. You're gonna wish she was still crawling and sitting." But I really don't. Having to watch you like Mad Eye Moody is worth the trade off. You have entered another level of independence, like Destiny's Child. All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me. 

It's like when you learned to sit alone for the first time and I could look at you for a minute. And Dada could throw toys at you.  It's pure unadulterated fun watching your face as you circle 'round and walk with barely bended your knees.

And how about that WMB you got going on? Not Weapons of Mass Bestruction. I'm talking 'bout your Whole Milk Belly. When we say, "Where's Emmy?" you indulge us by patting your fat belly and smiling, like, "Here I be! Right here people! See my belly? GET IN MY BELLY!" Followed up by pointing a sharp fingernail into Mommy's eyes or eardrum. You're all about identifying facial features now because that's what we're teaching you these days. In case you ever have to pick Mama or Dada out of a line up on charges of "Too Much iPad Use while Caring for Child." 

You're down to one nap a day now. And the amazing thing is YOU DON'T CRY ANYMORE. You read along with your book, chillax, and dive into a deep slumber that lasts 1-3 hours. It is magilutionary and Mommy's hair is only half gray now.

Everyone is Mama but you sometimes say "dada" and it makes Dada SOOO happy. You can't say Grandma but you know how to grunt your way with "uh uh uhs" into every kind of food imaginable. At least now you can pretty much hold your own banana.

Life with you has entered MEGA FUN ZONE. I like to say you started as a mineral, then you became a plant. You were pretty fun when you became an animal. But now as a human, things are really taking off, girl.

We look at you all the time and say, "We are so lucky." You put things in perspective, especially lately, when things are "out of control" and small-minded people bring drama, you keep Mama real and grounded and focused on what actually matters.

Happy 13 Months Big Girl. You're just getting started, aren't you?

Your faithful servants,

Mama and Dada