What Would You Do: Part 2

So there I am. I have pedaled alongside Dog Owner and given him my best Boston Legal James Spader closing for why he should never ever EVER leave Star Jones in the hot sun while he's working out. 

But what about Gym Dude? What to do about Mr. High and Mighty I am the Man because I scan your gym card and I sit behind a counter. 

Do I let it go and just shuffle out, satisfied with my good deed of the day? Or do I channel my Bitch Ass experience from the other day and make sure Gym Guy knows I ain't down with being clowned?

You guessed correctly. On my way out, I interrupted his "Have a good day!" with a polite, "Could we talk for a sec?" We sat down and I opened with the classic:

"I'm Vicky. What's your name?"

That way I could repeat Gym Guy's name repeatedly with each point I was about to make. Nothing like hearing, "Bob, I did not appreciate your tone with me today." "Bob, do you know how old that dog was?" "Bob, Animal Control takes animal cruelty very seriously in this county." "Bob, it is your responsibility. It's my responsibility. It's everyone's responsibility to be a voice for the innocent and defenseless." "Bob, it was nice talking with you."

Sure, Gym Guy threw in a couple things about how it wasn't his job and that he had talked to the dog owner. He was convinced he told me that but I was like, "Dude, if you told me that we wouldn't be having this conversation."

But he allowed me to finish my mini-rant and we have not crossed paths again yet.

No hard feelings on my part. As long as Star's all good, so am I. 

Seriously though. Don't ever nod at me and think you're sending me on my way. That is just not going to happen. I'm not your kid, your dog, or a solicitor at your door. 

The bright side of What Would You Do moments: Learning what NOT to do.