Emmy loves to be the boss of the dogs. It is really interesting how much she loves to be able to yell at them in her own little way. It may be that she picked up on the million and one times each day we go, "SHHHHH. NO barking Romeo!" "NO BARKING!" "I SAID, NO BARKING!!!" Over the past 3 weeks, she's started to copy us, wagging her finger and mumbling in her own way to mimic us yelling at the dogs.

The dogs are also not allowed to scratch themselves now. That too comes from the two  million and one times we tell Romeo to, "Stop scratching Romeo." "Stop!" "ROMEO STOP SCRATCHING!" The poor dog has the worst skin allergies/thryoid/dermatitis/food allergies/whothehellknowswhatiswrongwithhim-itis. We have put him through so many tests and creams and shampoos and pills to take the itch out of his life. He's one big scratchypatch but we try to stop him from scratching his face off when he gets too carried away.

She will do this even when she is in her room, out of sight of the dogs, and can only faintly hear them barking in the backyard.

It is cuteoverload levels of cuteness.

But in her finer, quieter moments, she loves the dogs. So much so she slow-mo kisses them whenever possible. Usually they se her Giant Noggin approaching and they are Audi 5000 by the time her balloon head descends, but once in while, when they're too exhausted to move, we get this. The Tofu response is classic. She is the greatest little dog.


Back to the scolding baby and Emmy wanting to exert her bossiness. It reminds me of this baby study in the NYTimes. The video in the article (which is all The Good Doctor would watch because, say it with me, "He's NOT A READER") was so fascinating. Babies choose the good guy over the bad guy and they have a sense of morality. Emmy apparently also has a sense of superiority and extreme authority. Gee, wonder where she got that.

Thanks UncleOwly for the link.