I recently filled out the longest questionnaire I have ever filled out in my life. Three times, because of unknown technical goblins. Or maybe God saying, "This is a bad idea." Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V saved my ass.

But I learned a few things about myself. In looking back at my 'interesting jobs,' for example. I have always been a worker. A hustler without the naked pictures. I was my own child labor starting at age 10. I set up a clandestine bead and friendship bracelet business and sold my wares in class, making deals under the desks.

I took some time off until I was 14. You know, volunteering at the veterinarian's office near my parents' furniture store. Other kids probably spent time outside, I don't know, playing games or something. Lame! I was emptying anal glands and preparing vaccinations and watching my basenji get spayed. Yes I did save her uterus. And yes I did bring it to class for show and tell. Wow. I was WEIRD. 

But every summer, I was all about trolling the mall for job applications. I could never get a job at Fun Stuff, this little trinket and candy store near my house, hence the "Fun Stuff." They frowned on having kids run their store full of kid friendly stuff apparently.

Still, every paying job I had before college was always against my parents' wishes. They didn't want to have to drive me everywhere. Plus, they really didn't want me to be kidnapped. Immigrant parents are absolutely phobic about that. As in, they risked life and limb to get you over here, and they'll be damned if some molester is going to snatch you and stuff you into his van.

First job- one of those kiosks in Coddingtown mall. I sold 5x7 name posters that you could get customized and matted as a room decoration. They were the only people in the mall who would hire a 14 year old.

Next summer, I sold shoes for Lady Foot Locker. Go ahead, ask me anything you want about the difference between running shoes and cross trainers. I can sell a Spenco insole iwth a six pack of socks like nobody's business.

I also spent a summer as a barista at Caffe Mocha. Foam is my specialty.

Thank you Questionnaire of 8,000 questions for clarifying that I am a worker bee whose weirdness started at a very young age.