Happy Father's Day

To the world's best Dada: I, Emmy Pearl, am very happy to be your little girl. Even though I refuse to say your name and I don't have "50 words" like that other half Vietnamese 14 month old, I still love my Dada the most. You teach me something new every day and you are always telling Mommy to "Look, LOOK at your baby!" I always feel safe with you and I have never fallen down on your watch.

You always come up with the most fun games. Remember the toy you built for me out of an empty plastic Perrier bottle filled with nuts, bolts and at least one long and sharp screw? If only I could get to those shiny objects inside.

The Couch Game is a classic. I love running full speed from one end of the sectional to the other to catch you, falling flat on my face and getting up with static cling Justin Bieber hair. Let's do it 300 more times!

You've helped me build my little muscles. Hand eye coordination is next so that we can do "Minute to Win It: Father Daughter Edition." Come on Dada! Swing your banana and get the orange into the hula hoop!!!

Even though all I say is "MaMa," what I really mean is: "I love you Dada and you are the best dada I could ever hope for."

Happy Father's Day Dada. I love you with all my tangerine sized heart.


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