Emmy's First Swim

I'd love to tell you it went swimmingly and that Emmy didn't end up floating face down in the water for at least 3 seconds at one point, but that wouldn't be true. And while The Good Doctor says my blog is "all fiction," you and I both know it's not.

We went to a gorgeous house this weekend for a surprise congratulatory party for Brian's friend and co-worker who also passed her boards. Her good friend hosted the party at her home. We're talking multimillion dollar mansion-esque house with a tri-level backyard. Top level, for furniture and barbecues, second level, grass for sunning yourself and listening to your drum circle, and bottom level, for your massive pool heated by solar panels. Yeah. The husband works in "finance." I need to find the sign up list for that.

Anyway, another family took the plunge and we decided we should give Emmy's yellow bikini a spin so I went in the water with Emmy Pearl. At first she was totally fine. Liked standing on the first step and raising one leg and splashing it down. Liked bobbing around with Mommy in the water. Didn't even mind floating on her back. Then Mommy got all excited and wanted to take pictures herself in case Daddy wasn't capturing the moments correctly because you know, he's photographically mentally challenged. So Mommy reaches for the camera and says, "I got it I got it. Just give it to me." And Daddy's trying not to get the strap wet and Mommy's like, "I don't care." And Emmy's all, "Glug glug look everyone I've stepped off the step and now I'm floating face down in the water and my hair's all wet."


I grab her as fast as I can and as soon as we lift her face out of the water she's like, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" "WAAAAAHHHH WAHHHHH WAHHHHHHH WTF PARENTS WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

But she wasn't spluttering or coughing or purple THANK THE LORD. And she stopped crying really quickly. That's one thing about Emmy. She says her piece and then she's over it. I think she gets that from me. Okay fine, that last sentence was fiction.