Answering Questions: I'm Sorry

So. Here's an apology to all the interviewees I have ever talked to who sucked that I made fun of.

Answering questions about yourself is NOT EASY. I'm sorry I complained behind your back to my photographer about how horrible you were. And why did you keep stumbling. And why did you not finish your sentence. And why did you keep starting over. And why did you ramble so much. And why did you not make any sense whatsoever. And why did your eyes keep darting nervously to the side. And why did you lose your train of thought and just stop talking.

I realize now, being peppered with questions that are unexpected and having to come up with coherent, articulate answers can be quite tough. Especially when you are in front of a camera and bright lights and a fast talking Asian person with a microphone in your face. Or when you are pooping your pants.

One thing that remains inexcusable: bad breath during interviews.