When someone says, "Be realistic," do you take that as a neutral statement or a negative one?

I mean, I know the intention can be neutral or even positive or encouraging, and God knows I have said the wrong thing MANY a time but my intentions were golden. So I'm all about considering someone's intentions and what they meant.

But intentions aside, when you say, "Let's be realistic," you are implying to some degree that the other person is not being realistic. And I am nothing if not realistic. If I entered a beauty pageant, my sash would say "Most Pragmatic." I think I'm pretty down to earth and practical and in touch with reality. I am definitely really real when it comes to my views on the world and the way things should be and the way they are.

So when I hear, "But you should be realistic," I get a little bristly. Like, I AM REALISTIC. I've been REALISTIC every day of my life. Can I get a little hopey changey up in here?