Who Are You Calling a Beach?

Tofu, Snaffles as I like to call her, was gripped by several life and death battles this weekend. As part of the Matt and Jan wedding extravaganza, we were treated to an amazing rehearsal at the home of one of their friends. On Stinson Beach. As in, walk out to the back yard, take 20 steps over a sand dune, and you are standing in a California postcard. The weather was gorge-amuss.

We brought the whole familia, including Tofu Luu Chan and Chomey, and they had the time of their lives. Romeo's dream house. Floor to ceiling windows, looking out into the world, plenty of people to bark at, and free reign on a super dog-friendly beach.

Unless of course, you are Tofu, and your only friend is Romeo, Coco, and this one other chihuahua named Stella that you met back in 'Nam.

Every time a dog would come near us, Tofu would go bananas. It was do or die out there on the sands of Stinson Beach.

Other dogs (panting): Huh Huh Hi, let's play!

Tofu: Yippee Ki Ayyyy Mother F***er!!!! I will CUT YOU! Sakurrrrrity!

Other dogs: You are a nutjob.

Romeo: Does his best impression of Ken Jeong in The Hangover. Beyond funny. Definitely NSFW. Unless you work in news. Or porn. Or a profanity factory. Then it's perfectly OK.

Vicky NguyenComment