Memo to Emmy: 14 Months

What what?

Lil' Bear how are you already 14 months old?

We finally trimmed your Justin Bieber bangs. You have "Amelie" bangs now. Asian Grandma snipped them in one fell swoop and instantly threw your bangs on the ground because her hairstylist training dictates she free her hand immediately to prepare for the next cut. She was mortified and immediately scooped up some of your hair to save. In case you ever need a bang transplant. Only one of your original gray hairs remains. 

You are Serious Baby. I thought all babies stared at people and didn't blink or smile until I drank a cup of coffee before Gymboree and started paying attention to every other kid in there. Emmy, they smile. And laugh. EVEN WHEN THEY LOOK AT TOTAL STRANGERS! Imagine that!

But your serious outlook has not stopped you from enjoying life to the fullest. You run the halls of the house like a maniac some days, growling and cackling like a hyena. That's when you're not stomping around going, "Uh Uh UHHHH" pointing at the snack cabinet for some dehydrated strawberries. Anything in berry or bread form remains your favorite food.

You have a tremendous bag of tricks now. You can point out all your facial features from eyes, ears and nose to mouth, teeth and toes. And you can do Dada one better by pointing them out when we ask you in Vietnamese too. 

The head nodding and shaking are in full effect now. Mostly head shaking when Mama asks you to eat chicken. Lots of nodding when you see fruit and veggies and anything that's on our plates, even if it's the same as what's on yours that you just shook your head at. You can be a total nutjob sometimes.

You have your moments of Extreme Whinification. White Grandma says Dada was the BWOE, Biggest Whiner On Earth when he was little, so hopefully it's not genetic. 

You did not love the beach as we thought you would. In fact, you cried every time your toes touched the sand.

Speaking of toes, you are a clean freak. If you so much as get a crumb of dog food stuck to any appendage, you will point and sound the alarm until one of your slaves removes it. That would be Asian Grandma, Dada, or me. 

The nap and night time routine is a dream. No fuss no muss. You're down around 730 and up at the same time. You love to wave goodnight to every being in the house, especially Romeo and Tofu and you are so good at letting us brush your teeth. It really is a miracle. Thank God we did it Dada and Asian Grandma's way with the "friendly" approach. I'm too weak to pin you down every night for 17 more years to ensure you don't grow up with gray teeth.

You will still only say Mama with certainty, so it's unclear what happened to your previous ability at 10 months to whisper Dada Dada all the time. Everyone and every photo is "MaMMMa." I won't lie. I LOVE IT.

And you're our tiny dancer. Your latest moves include spinning in a circle and tilting your head to one side. 

Suddenly we can put sunglasses on you and you'll wear them for at least half the walk every morning. You must realize your future's so bright you gotta wear shades. It's a little Stevie because they're so dark, but if you can play piano like Mr. Wonder, we'll be in great company.

Love you oodles and noodles,

MaMMMa and Dada