Celeb Sightings

And now onto something much lighter than my last two days of posting.

During our vacation last week, Lake Tahoe happened to be hosting the American Century Celebrity Golf tournament and we happened to be with a VVVIP who got us access to some major fun. Emmy handled her VIB status like a pro. We camped out near the 17th hole and snapped a few shots with some familiar faces.

Michael Jordan. Who had a security detail with him so I didn't even attempt to ask for a photo. Props to The Good Doctor for his in-motion photography Skillz with a capital S. Props to me for not tripping while walking sideways and carrying Emmy. Props to Emmy for her nervous habit of placing her finger in her nostril. Classic.

Tony Romo. There were two teenybopper girls who broke the ice with every celeb by asking for a picture, and I happily jumped in if they were successful.

Girls: Hi Tony, can we take a picture with you? Tony: Only if you can do it while I walk. Again, nice job Good Doctor! Excellent under fire. But the family portraits? I always have something growing out of my head.

The friendly Ray Romano.

Bode Miller. I complimented his stylish pants. The Good Doctor asked him where his medals were. He did not laugh at that joke. Personally, I love the Photobomber on the left in her bikini.

Sir Round Mound of Rebound Charles Barkley. Also very nice. Mindee, this one's for you. Emmy wants him to endorse her water.

And Brian Baumgartner. Or as I like to call him, Kevin from The Office. Emmy also tried to peddle her water to him.

A good time was had by all. Next up, BEARS!