Like Green on Rice

Get it? Emmy sticks to us like white on rice whenever she's around strangers. But the moment we pawned her off on White Grandpa, who shows up in the lobby but Jerry freaking Rice! After snapping the photo I was all, "Yeah yeah, I know you're like MVP of the world and more importantly, you took home the DWTS mirror ball trophy, but DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???" 

And he was all, "???"

What I actually told him was that the fine folks in the NBC Bay Area sports department let me guest star on Sports Sunday and that's how there's just one degree of separation between us. Raj Mathai! Jerry brightened considerably when I mentioned Raj. He wanted me to let Raj know his head is getting too large for the TV screen. I said, consider it done. Although between you and me, you know who's head is really too big? Emmy's. She thought about offering up her silky brown blanket but decided against it.

Vicky NguyenComment