Dating Journalists

If I may be so bold as to direct you to this 3 year old blog post that Toan recently forwarded to me.

The comments are rich as well.

Yes, parts of the post smack of smugness like the South Park episode about Prius drivers and George Clooney and everyone being so smug they enjoyed smelling their own farts.

But any journalist that tells you this writer is not speaking mostly truth, ain't a real journo worth their salted cojones.

If these are the things to consider before dating a journalist, I must see the list of warnings before marrying a journalist. The horrors!

I found some quality reading on Stuff Journalists Like too. Although it may be too inside baseball if you're not a nutball.

Did you know The Good Doctor had never heard that phrase before? "Inside baseball,"  not "nutball." I used it in the middle of a long conversation about work and he was all, "What does that have to do with baseball?" And then after I explained it, he kept saying, "Uh huh, totally inside baseball," in random and inappropriate places in our conversation. Talk about a nutball. I must be rubbing off on him.