Why I Love Friday Night Lights So Much

It is one of the best acted, best written, and most authentic shows on TV. Why more people aren't watching it is one of the 7 Wonders of Modern Television. I started watching it on NBC.com after the first season already aired and it was TV heroin. Insert Friday Night Lights IV directly into jugular and stream continuously please.

The show is shot beautifully.

The opening music just gets you ready for the awesomeness to come.

The Good Doctor actually gave it an 89.95 stars out of 100 on his ridiculously skewed rating system.

The storylines are believable and relatable and they suck you right in. 

The balance of drama and humor.

Maybe I have some deeply embedded high school nostalgia from my years in Texas (I have never been there) as a white (I am Asian) person living in a football or die (I'm really more of a basketball girl) culture.

The dialogue. Especially between Coach Taylor and his wife. It's how real couples who love each other talk to each other.

The depiction of life and all its twists and turns.

The amazingly cast cast. 

The acting. From Buddy Garrity to new girl Becky. Of course Coach Taylor and Tami and their daughter Julie. And yummy Riggins and adorable Luke. And perfectly conflicted Vince. And funny Landry. They embody their characters seamlessly.

The only caveat to the show: where are the Asians? I realize this isn't a United Colors of Benetton ad but at least weave a small town Asian TV reporter into the script somehow. I think I know someone who might just fit the part.