Bilingual Babies

Emmy's words that she can say consistently...drumroll...


Moo. Don't be distracted by her Justin Bieber hair. She says moo without really opening her mouth. Pretty fancy.



And di. Which means "Go" or "Let's go" in Vietnamese.

The Good Doctor tells me bilingual babies are slower to speak than monolingual babies. Not sure if that's a word but in the spirit of my husband who KILLS at word games and can't spell better than an immigrant, let's just go with it.

Also, there may be zero truth to the bilingual-babies-learn-to-speak-slower-than-babies-that-only-speak-one-language theory, but The Good Doctor has repeated this to me so many times, along with other phrases such as, "Stop that" and "Why are you doing that?" and "That's not right" that it has just become Truth in Vickyland.

Anyway, to my point.

While she doesn't speak more than 4 words, she understands everything. She can point out animals and body parts when we ask her in both languages. It's so cute she and I can already communicate without Daddy knowing what we are saying!

But apparently not only do animals have different names in different languages, they also make different sounds.

We learned this when we walked by and heard Asian Grandma say to Emmy, "Con ga, con ga. Aww ahh Aww ahhh."

So an English speaking chicken says, "Cluck cluck," but a Vietnamese chicken says "Aww ahh Aww ahhh.""

An English speaking cat says, "Meow." A Vietnamese cat says, "Meo Meo Meo."

English pig: "Oink oink oink." Vietnamese pig: "Ong ong ong."

English dog: "Woof woof." Viet dog: "Wowow wowow." 

No wonder my little Marvin calls her Dada "Mama." She's using the Vietnamese pronunciation of Dada.