Married: 3 Years

In celebration of three years of wedded bliss and 16 years of liplocking, I offer this observation of our differences. And yet, as was the theme of a 6th grade writing contest that I won, "Differences Make Life Sparkle."

I love the following. The Good Doctor hates them.





The motion of the ocean


Korean BBQ. Cooking your own meats and then smelling like you cooked your own meats. As White Grandma would say, "You better cover your meat." We have no idea what exactly that means, but it's one of her trademark sayings. That, and "Swizzles!" Again, definition unclear.

The Boiling Crab. He doesn't mind the crab. It's the bibs, and the getting elbow deep in crab guts and unidentifiable innards, and the discovering pieces of shell in my hair later when we're watching TV. I'm happy as a hog in mud there. Salivating just thinking about the whole shebang. I'm feeling an anniversary dinner is imminent. Nevermind that we just went there for my birthday too. August is rough on him.