Asian Journalists

It's a Nguyen-Nguyen situation! Betty was the co-emcee with Frank Buckley for the AAJA banquet this year. Mobbed by Asians armed with cameras after the event. To be expected, of course. It's one of the qualifications to maintain your Asian Card: must be carrying camera at all times.

Welcome to the NBC family! Richard Lui, formerly of CNN Headline News, will be on MSNBC starting this September. Such a talented guy and so down to earth and helpful to his fellow and aspiring journalists. And, he didn't make fun of me for crying when I accepted my Mentor of the Year award. Bonus! 


Euna Lee. She and Laura Ling were the speakers at the gala. They shared their experiences being inside a North Korean prison. Very inspirational stories about what motivates them to tell the stories of the world. And how they don't mind being called, "The Asian chicks that Bill Clinton rescued."

David Ono, anchor at KABC in Los Angeles. Don't ask me why, but he totally reminds me of Asian Tom Cruise. Minus the couch jumping and Scientology. Definitely a fan favorite at the convention.