Emmy is Mute

That is to say, she does not enjoy using her words. She used to have a vocab that included a few choice words such as Mama, Dada, Moo, Di, Go and Coco. But she seems to have regressed. EP Fan, things look grim. Instead of building on her words and stringing them together, she now points at things and grunts until we say what they are. And when we point back to get her to repeat the word, she looks at us with a raised eyebrow, "I point, I don't speak."

Is this normal? Because everyone else is telling us stories about how their similarly aged children are reciting poetry and arranging sonnets.

I take the blame. The Good Doctor talks to her all day long, "teaching" her, "reading" to her, "enriching" her life. I kiss her on the lips. And I mostly just watch her do stuff and make sure she doesn't fall. 

It takes a concerted effort for me to talk to her. It's just so boring and difficult to talk to someone who doesn't talk back. I can only describe so many things to her, "Mommy is playing on the iPad," "Mommy is eating Nutella on bread," "Mommy is watching So You Think You Can Dance." 

Now she just runs around and makes some nonsensical sounds like, "Na na na" and she screams a lot and stares you down when you ask her to repeat a word.

The Good Doctor is worried but I think she's just waiting until she can string an entire sentence together. And it will be, "Mommy, I'd like some Nutella while I watch this episode of SYTYCD on the iPad."