Hide Ya' Kids: Antoine Dodson

This news story has gone viral on YouTube, and for good reason. As I post this, the video has had 2.8 million views. The follow up story shows a calmer, more thoughtful Antoine Dodson and explains some of the reaction to the story. The reporter, Elizabeth Gentle, responds to the criticism that she shouldn't have put Antoine and his sister on TV, saying it's worse to censor "people like Antoine." 

When my friend, a CNN producer, shared the link with me on Facebook, The Good Doctor and I watched the story 7 times in a row. It's mesmerizing because it's a very serious, legitimate news subject, and the story had all the things you would want if you were covering it: an active scene, cops dusting for prints, and a compelling story told by unforgettable people. But it is soundbite after soundbite of a reality that we are only used to seeing as parody. 

As a reporter, at what point do you filter some of the interviews and cut out some of the sound that might distract or turn the focus of the story into something else? 

I'm not one to criticize or judge. OK, fine, I am. But in this situation, and having watched the follow up story, I will say I am happy Elizabeth Gentle put Antoine Dodson on the air. And if he gets some sort of reality show out of this experience, it would be appointment TV. 

By the way, this is just one of many parodies already made but oh boy does it show what an autotuner can do to make anyone and anything sound musical.