I've never realized just how much I value that quality in a person until lately. I used to think of loyalty as a fine trait, alongside friendly, kind, and helpful. Not as exciting as ambitious, confident, or brilliant, but being loyal was aiiight. It didn't make me want to climb to the top of a mountain and scream, "WHERE MY LOYAL PEOPLE AT?" I think I thought loyalty was sort of a weak characteristic, like, "You're loyal, so you must be a follower."

HO no. Loyalty is bomb. As in, you have my back, and I have yours. And the more people you have in your life like that, the mo' betta' it is. I go to the ends of the earth for my people. I pump them up, I hook them up, I talk them up. I look out for the people I care about and I think it's fair to expect  demand the same in return.

And I give everyone the loyalty benefit of the doubt. We start out loyal to each other. Loosely at first, because loyalty is earned, right? But when someone you get tight with shows you a slice of personality that is not only disloyal, but disrespectful, I go a little B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Because, as Gwen would say, a few times I've been around that track, so it's not just gonna happen like that because I ain't no hollaback girl. 

So as much as I agree with an alarmingly large portion of this article about Leos, up to the part about "Love, Sex, and Relationships," where suddenly the writing is fraught with typos and reads like it was taken over by someone who writes English as a Second Language (not that there's anything wrong with ESL; I AM freakin' ESL, I prefer to watch movies with the captions on) I'm not sure about the part that says Leos "do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving."

I forgive and move on, but I don't forget. That person you thought totally had your back, suddenly not only exposed your back, but aimed a couple arrows in that direction too. Seriously dude? That's how it's gonna go down? All right. Now I know.

I feel like I totally would've fit into all those Mafia movies I watched as a kid. Where you don't cross the family or you get shot up slo mo in the middle of a spaghetti meal. 

Sidebar: Is it just me or do Asian parents have no rules when it comes to allowing their kids to watch violent movies and eat snacks with no regard to mealtimes? I think my parents took me to "Children of the Corn" when I was like 6. I remember having my tattered pink towel blankie with me in the theater and my parents watching and saying, "Oh it's just a movie," as I whimpered through the scariest freaking movie in the world. I WAS 6, people!

But they made up for it with the snack part. They never said, "No Doritos, it's almost dinner time." Or "No, we can't possibly buy THAT cereal, it has SUGAR in it!" And I never had to ask for any kind of food. I remember thinking how interesting it was at my friends' houses where we'd have to say, "May I have a granola bar?" I was like, "Shoot, that pantry ain't locked is it? Gimme some bagel chips, fool." I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid.

Back to my epiphany. I really despise disloyal people. If you hate, hate openly. Or agree to disagree. Or bring it up and let's discuss. But don't come all this way with me and then reveal that you're a total puss. So utterly disappointing.

Loyalty, sorry for not giving you the props you deserve. Next time I'm on a mountaintop, I'll do it.