The Fixer

I've been called so many, many names in my life. Such as "Siamese." The bratty neighbor boy across the street would always tease me and we would get in epic fights. I'm talking jump on the giant trampoline and try to kick the crap out of each other physical fights. My knee aiming for his balls fights. I HATED Adam. He would taunt me and yell at me from his window and I would yell back using four letter words. It was ugly.

One time he kept singing that song from Lady and the Tramp, "We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please." It sounds totally innocuous now and you're sitting there like, OK, Vicky, let's not get crazy. It's JUST a Disney song. But to me, it was the closest to racist slurs that a 10 year old could get. 

SO, I straight up pulled a butter knife on that boy. Honest to God, I was like, "I will cutttt you." Of course, Adam is alive and well and later we actually became friends when we started training our dogs together in his garage. Apparently Leos forgive and forget easily. We should get Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, and Fidel Castro in a room and give each of them a puppy. You simply can not stay angry at the world when being licked by a baby golden retriever.

Anyway, I've been called a lot of names. But recently a friend who I've been bothering about getting a health issue checked out texted me, "You're such a fixer." :)

I guess I am. I will totally not hesitate to tell you what I think about your broken self. And I want to know what you think about my broken self. Why is that such a touchy thing for people? How do you strengthen your weaknesses if you don't know what they are? I am all for constructive fixing that comes from a kind place.

The thing is, I'm only a fixer when it comes to people I actually love and care about. It's the ultimate sign of friendship that I think about you enough, care about you enough, and am willing to risk your wrath, to be honest, and to put actual thought into forming an opinion that I share with you. Food for thought. A different perspective. Something to consider. I would expect the same from my friends and family. Doesn't mean we have to agree and hold hands and sing Kumbaya my Lord.

But yes, love it or hate it, I am Fixerese if you please. I am Fixerese if you don't please.

Thanks for pointing that out, OL.