Circle Lenses

Note: No reporters were harmed in the making of this story or blog post. 

So, weeks ago we started working on this story but things happened here and there and we finally got a chance to do it and it will air tonight at 11pm.

Basically--circle lenses have become huge in Korea and Japan and now they're crossing into the U.S. They're contacts that make your iris look bigger. Super kawaii? They're sort of larger than life, reminiscent of doll eyes or anime characters. But optometrists and opthamologists warn they're not FDA approved and there's no way to tell what type of product you're really getting.

Of course, after doing the story, on my own time, not on NBC property or with NBC authorization or NBC knowledge, or my TV tuned to NBC, I popped a pair in, against medical advice. Including that from The Good Doctor.

"You're really going to put those in?"

"I don't think it's a good idea."

"If you go blind, I'm not training Tofu to be a seeing eye dog."

I'm comfortable with things touching my eyeballs because I used to wear soft and hard contacts before I finally got eye surgery to correct my vision. Talk about life-changing. Miraculous and worth the investment. Especially if you like to open your eyes at night and see the small green light on the smoke detector. Which I never knew was there until I had the surgery.

Back to the circle lenses: I had to see what all the rage was about. I didn't keep them in long, but they really dried out my eyes. And believe me, I'm the first to say, "fashion before function." I mean, I covered the Mehserle verdict rallies/riots in Oakland wearing wedges. They looked pretty interesting. But for me, not worth the potential side effects. I know, what happened to my fun fearless female-ness?

Self portrait #1: Can you tell which one is the fake eye? Do I look like an Asian Twilight character?

The Good Doctor took the photo below. He wisely told me he liked me better with "regular eyes." To which I said, "You BETTA!"

They do look kind of fierce though.