Best Birthday Gift Ever Part 2

And I quote (via text) "I hate reading. It's so stupid."

For weeks, while he read The Passage, I endured a barrage of messages like that, as well as verbal battery.

He stayed up late, forgoing sleep, because I "made" him read this book. I would pick up the phone, in the middle of a shift, only to hear, "You suck. I hate reading." Click.

He took his book to work, read it during his on call shifts, and loved every page of it. Even re-read certain sections for clarity. As Mia Michaels would say, "Who Are You, Good Doctor?"

But of course, he despised the experience. He likened it to torture. I can see the Oprah headline now: "Forced to read against his will!!! Meet the man whose wife made him suffer through A BOOK!!! (dramatic pause, white flash) Without. Pictures."

The whole reason I wanted him to read The Passage was because a) I thought he would ENJOY it, and b) I wanted to have someone I could talk to about this book. 

But NOOOOOO. Because apparently I'm not capable of talking to him while he's reading without "ruining it."

Me: "You're on chapter 2?"

Him: "Oh great. Now I know how the book is going to end because you said that. You've ruined it. (Covers his ears.) Don't! Say! Anything! You can't talk about it because I can figure everything out based on what you say. You're ruining it."

Me: So glad you're reading this so we can talk about it.

But it was so worth it to see him with a book on his chest, lying in bed, reading. Is it so weird to say that I could sit and watch his eyes move across the page and be in my happy place? It was worth it to request that as a birthday gift. When he finished the book, we had some interesting discussions about who we thought was alive and dead and what would we do in those crazy, almost end of the world situations. Him: Survive. Me: Die instantly.

And guess what Good Doctor, that was the first of a TRILOGY! HA HA. I'm getting you to read TWO more books out of this deal. Happy Birthday to me indeed.